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 The Big Little Hunting & Fishing Expo & Auction
McLeod County Fairgrounds Commercial Building
840 Century Avenue - Hutchinson, MN 55350

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 2018 CDHA Expo


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An Event for the Entire Family!
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Hunting for God - Annie Oakley Shoot

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New! USB Audio Book  Devotions for Deer Hunters: Big Book Volume I Audio (over four hours). It is narrated by CDHA© Executive Treasurer Doug Anderson and comes on a handy thumb drive. You can download it to your computer, burn it to discs, or play it directly in cars that have a USB port.

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DEVOTIONS FOR DEER HUNTERS (The Big Book!) 174 Pages! Ninety devotionals! Over forty authors!

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Outreach Speakers
The association receives numerous requests for possible speakers for various wild game feeds, and other church related outreaches.  Although the C.D.H.A. is not a speakers bureau (nor do we endorse speakers), we include the following information regarding current C.D.H.A. Executive Board members who do speak at such events.  If they are not available, they may be able to refer you or your group to someone who can.

Dr. Tom C. Rakow
Outreach Development Dan Ryks

Thank You Note for Contributors to the Past C.D.H.A. Auction